“Let us tell you about music and mathematics: the most beautiful thing besides love, the most difficult thing besides being faithful.”

In anticipation of the posthumous publication of its second volume, Roma Aeterna, in 2016, this blog serves as a forum for exploring the first book of the first volume of Friedrich Kittler’s Musik und Mathematik: Hellas 1: Aphrodite, published in 2006. The book opens the unfinished multi-volume series that consumed the last years of Kittler’s life, exploring the deep histories of music, math, media and love in Europe and the West, spanning from Ancient Greece to the “Turing Galaxy” of computing.

The blog builds on previous conversations about media history and archaeology, especially Bernhard Siegert’s Passage des Digitalen, and is a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam’s “Data Drive” project group and Harvard University’s metaLAB, organized by Melle Kromhout (Amsterdam) and Peter McMurray (Harvard). For more information, send an email to plmcmurray [at] gmail.com.

Dark Side of the Moon


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Reading Friedrich Kittler's Musik und Mathematik I Hellas 1: Aphrodite